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News Release

We offer Web communication for all the clients and packages covering necessary elements for building, designing and operating Website are available. Those who are unfamiliar with Websites are encouraged to contact us free from anxiety.

Intercast Concept

The amount of Internet users is increasing rapidly at present. The contrast between companies utilizing websites and those not utilizing websites is widening.

It would be a shame to miss out on such a great opportunity due to concerns about cost, apprehensions about how to use the internet, not knowing what kind of services could be available, etc.

Offering a solution to these concerns, the web design specialist team Intercast provides services with the vision of "Offering web communication for all of our clients" and "high quality, holistic services with an easy to understand process at a reasonable price" in the concept.

Intercast Positioning

We meet these important customer concerns:
- Highly motivated and specialized services at a lower price than advertising companies.
- Experience and reliability above and beyond what a personal business can offer.

Ad agents - Intercast - Personal businesses, Freelance service providers

Intercast Major Clients

Intercast achieves a perfect balance of both cost and service. We service the following types of clients:

A) Small and medium sized companies who want to start doing business on the internet without hiring an IT staff.

B) Small, medium and large sized companies who want to design medium and large scale web sites in collaboration with us.

C) Major companies who want to reduce the running cost for their existent web sites while enhancing their effectiveness.
* Intercast also services new clients and clients who plan to transfer web sites from other web design companies.

Three reasons why clients choose Intercast
Our support system responds to all queries and questions
We offer an on site PC class that responds to all client queries and questions about the Internet and set-up procedure, etc.
Realizing an integrated Internet service
In addition to consulting and designing, we also offer an Internet server as a general second-class telecommunications specialist.
Our one-stop service enables complete web site construction, allowing you to utilize it as an outside IT department of your company.

Advertisement placement, image creation, and printed materials that unify your brand image with your website makes it possible to reduce the current marketing cost as well as to increase the effectiveness of brand construction.
Abundant achievements and solid know-how in web design
Quite a few web design companies have been established recently. However, in order to create a website that gets visited by many people, it is necessary to select a reliable business partner.

We have provided services for a wide variety of business fields such as the Japan branch offices of non-Japanese government institutions and a private university in Tokyo. We look forward to letting our wealth of experience work for you.

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