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We make every efforts to provide you with uniform products based high quality, secured delivery and reasonable price. All the costs are included in the quote that is easy to understand.

Web Business Simple
"We want to practice public relations on our own website but we have no idea how to do it exactly."
Web Business simple is perfect for the customer with those kinds of apprehensions about the web.
Web Business PRO
Much more than a simple company introduction or business outline, we provide the optimal plan for customers aiming for a website users will benefit from.

From the planning stage on, we construct effective websites with thorough analysis of the competition.
Reform Web
Did you try making a website, but find that now it only gathers dust?

Reform Web is a renewal service offered in the following increments:
1) Top page design only
2) Entire site design
3) Overall reform including content
Please contact Intercast for details.

Our translation services have been highly evaluated by our clients. We have received positive comments such as "Quick delivery helped our business go smoothly," "Our website has been well-received by clients overseas," and "Intercast was very reliable because it offered fine-tuned services and responses." We offer special services by utilizing our extensive experience of creating websites. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
People that need a document translated into English for a business meeting the following night or are unsatisfied with translation work delivered by another company can benefit from our quick, high-quality translation services.
A website production/translation package service to support companies that want to have business transactions with companies overseas through their websites and clients that want to build a multilingual website

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