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Web Business PRO

Web Business PRO _ Product Summary / Specifications
Much more than a simple company introduction or business outline, we provide the optimal plan for customers aiming for a website users will benefit from.

From the planning stage on, we construct effective websites with thorough analysis of the competition.

In this age of many companies already launching their own websites, what is in demand for constructing websites enabling increased customer acquisition and the exploiting of new markets?

We feel the key is analyzing websites of your competitors and displaying a clear differentiation from those companies based on the information gained in analysis. Additionally, an effective design as well as a strategic promotion that establishes the advantages of your company among consumers is important.

Web Business PRO is a package that includes the elements mentioned above, essential to web business construction.

Traditionally web site construction and management has required dealing with several different companies. Specialization was required from the fields of plan preparation and business strategy to design creation and system construction. And for each field, a specialist company was needed.

Providing web construction services that accurately answer your specific needs, Intercast is now able to offer all of those services bonded together organically in one company.

Much more than a simple company introduction or business outline, PRO is the optimal plan for customers aiming for a website inspiring user access.

Introduction Fee (Website Construction Package)@
Ĩ Orientation (3 hours)
Ĩ Competitor research
Ĩ Planning
Ĩ Web Page Creation (18 pages)
Ĩ Domain Acquisition
Ĩ Search Engine Registration
Ĩ Server Setup
Ĩ Promotion Support
Ĩ Consulting (focusing on management / PR strategy)
* Creation takes from 1.5 to 2 months

Maintenance Expenses Type A (with use of management supervision & consulting), from \47,000 per month
Ĩ Web & e-mail server hosting (80MB / 15 e-mail addresses)
Ĩ Monthly consulting (1 hour, including access report)
Ĩ Updates (Approx. 3 pages: 3 areas totaling up to 1500 characters / up to 6 photos)

Maintenance Expenses Type B (with planning, management mainly carried out within the customer's company), from \7,800 per month
Ĩ Web & E-mail server hosting (80MB / 15 e-mail addresses - basic)
Ĩ Updates / online forum set up / search engine registration, etc. (optional)

* Please contact for details
* Our services are only available for corporations and self employed individuals.

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